Why Local?

If you can purchase a lovely Gauguin print for your wall, why buy local art? Here are just a few reasons we’ve come up with:

It’s Unique

There’s nothing else like it in the world. You can be sure that a similar print isn’t hanging on someone else’s wall or adorning another quilt rack across town.

It’s Affordable

When you buy original pieces by local artists at Gifts Galore, it’s likely to be quality art for an affordable price, as well. And hey – it appreciates over time!

It Mirrors the Local Area

Art often reflects the culture of the area in which it was created. If you’re fond of the Moncton area, buy something you can find no other place: a piece of art created by a local artist and sold by Gifts Galore.

Become a Patron

When you buy local art, you support not only the artist, but also art in the community. You can keep track of your artist’s career and maybe even talk to him or her. Become a Moncton patron of the arts!

Get Inspired

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, you might be inspired by a piece of art you see to try creating something of your own. You might be moved to visit local galleries and art fairs, as well. Be sure to ask us at Gifts Galore about any specific work; it might have a story behind it.